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Six Month Smiles

Do you feel envious of friends or family members with a bold, beautiful smile? Thanks to Six Month Smiles and Dr. Stankiewicz, you can smile with the same level of confidence. Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary cosmetic and orthodontic solution for helping adult patients achieve a straighter, healthier smile in less time than with traditional braces. Orthodontic care with traditional braces can take a year or more to complete. Six Month Smiles takes far less time, with many patients completing treatment in just half a year or less.

Six Month Smiles uses clear brackets and tooth-colored wires to apply low but continuous pressure to teeth. Over a short amount of time, this pressure will bring your teeth into their ideal alignment, creating a straighter smile you’ll feel more confident about.

Starting treatment with Six Month Smiles begins with a consultation visit at our Allen Park dental office. The purpose of your consultation is twofold. First, we need to determine that Six Month Smiles is really the best treatment option for you. Then, after we’ve had a chance to assess your oral health and your specific needs, we can begin putting your treatment plan together. When your treatment is completed close to six months later, you’ll be amazed at the beautiful results.